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Prior to being adopted, both of us were living in room 3 at the Buddy Foundation. One of us, April, was found in a forest preserve and was lucky enough to be brought to the shelter. Pookie's previous family ran into hard times and had to give her up. She was also lucky to be brought to the shelter, rather than just be abandoned as are some less fortunate cats. We both had been there for months when a new volunteer started. April liked him right off and crawled into his lap that first day. Pookie continued to hide under the cushions and blankets. A couple of times a week this new guy would show up. He would pet and brush April, and would reach under the blankets to give Pookie some treats and pet her a little. One day Pookie got brave and came out from hiding and curled up next to the guy while he was brushing April. She did this for a couple of days. Then one day in early November he came in with a couple of cat carriers and each of us was put into one. We weren't happy about it, but it turned out to be a good thing! After a short trip in a strange moving room we arrived at a house and were taken inside. The cage doors were opened and we were free! We found good food, lots of water, clean beds, several new toys, and lots of new places to explore. And our friend from the shelter is almost always here to pet and play with us. We have our forever home!!!

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