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Oct. 09, 2002

Oct. 18, 2002

Oct. 19, 2002

Aug. 16, 2003

Sept. 03, 2003

Aug. 25, 2004

Barb 1 Year
WW Success

Jake, Barb, Bob
at the Zoo

Jake and Grandpa
at the Zoo

Barb and Bob
at home

Barb and Bob
Oregon wine trip

Three Season Room
Sunset or firestorm?







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Picture 1 - Barb 1 Year WW Success
Here is proof that the Weight Watcher system works. 80 pounds gone forever!

Picture 2 - Walking at Brookfield Zoo
Jacob, Jennifer, Pat, Barb and Bob all went to Brookfield Zoo. We all had a good time. Jake did get to ride in the stroller a lot, but he also had a nice long walk with grandma and grandpa.

Picture 3 - Grandpa Bob and Jake
Grandpa gives Jake a lift after a long day walking around Brookfield Zoo.

Picture 4 - Bob and Barb at Home
Picture was taken in the family room by Mitch Link.

Picture 5 - Barb and Bob on Oregon Wine Trip
For our annual wine trip, this year we went to Oregon looking for Pinot Noir. We found a really nice little restaurant, The Fresh Palate, on Oregon highway 18. There was also a neat little wine bar on the first level. The owner specializes in wines from the smaller vineyards that do not have tasting rooms open to the public. The tee shirts were a gift from Mitch and Alice and read: "WINEAUX A wine lover who uses a glass."

Picture 6 - Three Season Room and a Firey Sunset
This is just an unusual picture of a sunset that makes the sky look like it is truly on fire.